About Us

Harlow’s is more than just trucks.  Harlow’s is a full service transportation service provider with the ability to meet a large variety of needs from our customers.  In addition to providing best in class new and used trucks, we have the ability to stand behind those vehicles through our seven full service facilities conveniently located in the states we cover.  Our Parts and Service Departments offer extensive experience and professionalism in providing solutions for all of our customer’s needs. 

No matter what your transportation needs are, Harlow’s can provide them. We have a dedication to the customer experience and will do everything we can to make sure each of our customers have an excellent and professional experience every day, every time.


Harlow’s Truck Center was added to the extensive Harlow’s family in April of 2015 in Missoula, Montana with the goal of providing the truck market with the same quality of products and service that Harlow’s has been known for since 1971.


Established in 1971 in Rolette ND, Harlow’s has provided reliable safe transportation to the most valuable cargo for over 40 years; our children, our friends, and our families. Our founder, Harlow H. Hageness was born in 1942 and a native to North Dakota, growing up and going to school in Rugby N.D. He attended North Dakota State School of Science in Wahpeton earning an associate’s degree while playing football for the collage.


A true entrepreneur, Harlow started early in his passion for building a business. Owning and operating Harlow’s Repair, the Rolette Theater, and a Mobile Station. A certified diesel mechanic, Harlow saw a need when he took an opportunity to run a local bus dealership called Lashman’s Bus Service in Rolette, ND. Harlow’s bought the small company and changed the name to “Harlow’s School Bus Service”.


From Harlow’s actions was born our Mission Statement: “To transport each and every student safely everyday no exceptions”. With the determination of a classic entrepreneur, Harlow built his company from a small one shop facility to a multi-million dollar organization that we know today. Harlow believed in serving his community by being more than just part of the growth, he became actively involved in leadership advisory boards, and developing safe secure routing programs across the northwest.


Harlow’s passed on his aptitude for entrepreneurship to his two son’s Jason and Jeremy Hageness. Both with 20 years dedicated to the family owned business, working in tandem to continue the growth and community involvement that their father started. Expanding over 7 states, from North Dakota to Washington, Harlow’s has 27 locations managing over 40 operations.


  • Leadership – Every employee at Harlow’s will display leadership at all times. We will be accountable for what we do and what we say and will show leadership through our commitment to providing excellence to our customers.
  • Advocacy – Our stakeholders are the key to our success. At all times, we will be an advocate for our customers, vendors and fellow employees. We will demonstrate our commitment by acting in the best interest of our stakeholders.
  • Safety – Every employee will always be safe. Our company and our employees are dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe work environment at all times.
  • Integrity – Every employee will maintain a professional demeanor at all times. We will treat our stakeholders how we would want to be treated and will conduct our business in an honest manner.
  • Compassion – Every employee understands that our peers, customers and vendors are human and will treat all of them in a compassionate and respectful manner.   We will conduct ourselves in a helpful and constructive manner and will not be judgmental or overly critical at any time.

Harlow’s Truck Center
8275 US HWY 10 W Bldg #2 Missoula MT 59808
Phone: 406-543-1015 Fax: 406-543-1552
Toll Free Phone: 888-324-4432